Sunday, December 21, 2008

A different arrangement

Those with my kind of 'appearance' aka 'unorthodox facial and cranium hair arrangement' aka 'metalheads' are often attacked with 'the' question: "how did you grow your hair/beard that long?" I usually am dumbstrucked with that one... So what is it that u want to know?!

Well... Its actually quite simple... you can do it too...

Here is how to grow your hair / a beard (ladies please don't try this at home) :

On day 1, do nothing. On day 2, do nothing again. On day 3, do nothing twice. On day 4 verify that the nothing is still being done. then repeat the cycle till someone poses that question mentioned above to you.

Now for the other distressing question that we face: "Why?! did you... blah blah"

I have been told I'm quite irritating at times and/or after a relation of a few *awesome* jokes told from the *awesome* sense of humor that I posses, people have felt the need to rearrange my face. Unfortunately (for them) there is no legal way to do that. And since I'm such a kind and generous individual, I thought of doing this to myself. And today after a few (actually quite a lot) cycles of the procedure, my face is definitely rearranged.


Chirag Kaku said...

oh yeah... and id like to mention you also do need just enough testosterone to grow a beard. Not recommended for them sissies, pansies, and girls (oh i know some) with those hormones.

Shruti Deora said...

huh ??? the hair on ur head too ??? :D can we go out ??

Jasmine said...

you know you :)