Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dreaming Reality

This is a story I had written some time back when i was working with Beyond Dreams. Original concept for production thou people thought of it to be too complicated... Nevertheless here it is for your reading and comments :)


The year was 1945, The entire globe was engaged with the second world war, Chimu's father served in the Indian British Raj Army and was conducting his service on the waters of the English Channel for 'the motherland' then - Great Britain.

Chimu (Age:9) really was a special child. Doctors and local 'Vaids' could never figure out the reasons for the way Chimu behaved. "Maybe he is lonely, so imagining things around him. Its just a game for him." - Common quotations. Sometimes he had to be shaken out of his so called 'games' which would only make him cranky.

Chimu would always be in a lucid dream state and after being shaken up to reality would claim seeing Monsters, Creatures and deformed faces of people around, he would also talk of visiting fantasias lands. Obviously facinating to guests visiting home.

Then there was this day when Chimu was at the deserted fields playing 'with' a tree when he catches the eye of a passerby. After a brief friendly chat with the man they become friends. The man returns the next day and sets to take him to the 'real fantasy land' as he promises the previous day. Walking to the nearby tribal village, there they meet with the 'high leader', a 75 year old priest. 

The priest speaks to the man and Chimu about the the robberies and crimes that have been taken place recently and even thou there was no connection found in all of them he claimed that he knew how and by whom they were done. He removes a book from his closet, the book appeared to be very old and had handwritten texts in probably Pali.

The priest spoke about the texts in the book and even though Chimu seemed much too young to understand it he seemed to relate to it. The 'Mayasutra' book spoke about a parallel universe which was connected to us through our dreams. Every dream, every thought lives in physical form in that universe. And like our actions and ideas/thoughts affect things there, things if manipulated there can very well affect things here.

Then the speaks of the one missing page from the book which teaches the technique of entering the other universe. He tells them about Chimu having a gift where he could easily be trained to do so. The priest exclaims that the dreams and hallucinations Chimu experiences when with people are actually their thoughts and emotions. And a Physical access into their mind (which is a part of the universe) is possible.

When inquired about the 'missing page' the priest tells them about a young man from Calcutta who also possed similar powers like Chimu Visited him 3 years ago. After learning about the book he fled with the page and used it to enter peoples minds after the y had slept and made them do things (in their sleep) which they wouldn't remember i the morning. He tells them that once in the universe it is possible to track ones mind easily if we knew about them and they dreamt. If in that state they are given a 'False Awakening' You could interact with them as their conscience and make them do things in the real world.

The Man and the priest over a couple of sessions train Chimu on the transition to the other world, Chimu gains experience through peoples minds as different creatures (pleasant and dark), Different Landscaped (pleasant and dark) at diffrent situations till he reaches a stage when he could attempt and track the young thug down.

Later we go through many episodes/phases where Chimu learns how to keep up with the thug, how he can follow him to other peoples minds and how he can also shake him to a false awakening or co-exist in another persons mind raging a battle with his (the other mans or the thugs) demons.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Leaf Clover

And it feels right this time
On this crash course we're in the big time
Pay no mind to the distant thunder
Beauty fills his head with wonder, boy...

Says it feels right this time
Turn around, found new high lights
Good day to be alive Sir
Good day to be alive, he said...

Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
Is just a freight train coming your way...

Don't it feel right like this
All the pieces fall to his wish
Suck up for that quick reward boy
Suck up for that quick reward they said...

Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
Is just a freight train coming your way......

Quote: I was reaching my goal, guess it was just bad luck!

'No leaf clover' comes from the 'four leaf clover' with all the leaves plucked out... four leafs being LOVE FAITH HOPE and LUCK

The 'four leaf clover' is actually the unusual variation of the usual 'three leaf clover'. The four leaf clover if found accidently is believed to get good luck. (luck symbolizing the fourth leaf)

Keep your ears and mind open.. You're dead the day you stop learning and dead men have no luck...

There is a balance in this world...
When somethings going too well... something somewhere is.... uhuh!...
And when things are not going well you're overlooking something...

That brings us to the balance theory in ancient hindu scripts called Karma or the cycle of cause and effect.

The end of that cycle is Nirvana or Moksha in Hindu Jain and Buddhist beliefs.
Moksha is freedom from irrational perception according to jain and Buddhist beliefs.

LOVE is the act of selflessness and ego is the attribute of irrationality

FAITH is a sense of joy deriving from an idea... Joy with no ego leads to Moksha and doubt leads to Karma

HOPE accompanies and brings relief to everything. In Greek mythology when Pandora opened the Pandora's Box she released all the worlds evil except one, Hope. Without hope to accompany their troubles humanity was in great despair. Relief only came after Pandora's revisit to the box and release of hope. 
Even thou considered an evil, Hope brings us to Faith, Faith to Love and love to Moksha. And that is what all Messiahs preach.

So what is LUCK? A miracle?
After-all it is the unusual fourth leaf in the usual 'three leaf clover'.